Member Code of Conduct

The Convergent Trading chat room is a service that aims to bring serious traders together to help you find top quality information, to be a central place where Convergent’s contributors can connect with you and for all traders to connect with each other and be more accountable. The channels are open 24/7 but are only moderated when the administrators or moderators are present.

Members can report problem behaviors or violations of the MEMBER CODE OF CONDUCT confidentially by messaging any of the moderators or by writing to

By proceeding with access to the channels, you are agreeing to the following MEMBER CODE OF CONDUCT:

  1. The information shared on our channels is for informational purposes only. You are solely responsible for what you do with this information.
  2. We encourage our members to share RELEVANT information about current market setups, conditions and we especially cherish the sharing of research and ideas. Using the channels as your personal journal and ongoing commentary is not tolerated. If you can’t shout it out in a room full of prop traders, then it doesn’t belong on our channels during market hours.
  3. ALL COMMENTS, IMAGES, IDEAS and information shared in the room are strictly confidential and are for clients only. This is privileged and exclusive information. Sharing it will result in expulsion and termination of access to all services.
  4. Linking to external material that the owner has restricted to customer or members, or sharing of copyrighted 3rd party material is illegal and immoral.
  5. If you wish to chat about non-market/trading related topics, please confine it to the appropriate channel.
  6. Derogatory, egotistical, combative or inflammatory remarks will not be tolerated. The service has an ignore list. Please make use of it. Disruptive behavior by the instigator AND respondent will be warned and then expelled on a second incident.
  7. Please help others if you think you know the answer. If you are unsure, please do not share knowledge that you are not sure is true or isn’t verified.
  8. The rooms are monitored and there are PERMANENT logs in all rooms. These logs are not deleted nor can they be removed. Whatever you say in the rooms is on record.
  9. You can private message specific people in the room. Those messages are private but users are STRICTLY prohibited from soliciting other members for any service or product without prior consent. This is cause for immediate expulsion
  10. The use of offensive, derogatory, racist, sexist or other language that clearly incites argument, hurt or confrontation is prohibited. We operate as a team and the space for argument is elsewhere.

Above all, we hold ourselves to a high standard of conduct, values and professionalism at all times. Trade well!